• 1st - Place Your Order

    Our menu is open every week from Tuesday at 10 A.M. through Friday at 12 P.M. Be sure to set your alarm!

  • 2nd - Let’s Get Prepping

    We begin cooking all the delicious meals you ordered for delivery on Monday!

  • 3rd - Delivery & Dinner

    Deliveries are made every Monday. We will send you a text the day before confirming your delivery time and another one once your order has been delivered. All heating and assembly instructions will be included with your meals so you can enjoy a stress-free dinner with your family!

”Thank you for the pimento and cheese spread. It is obviously super good as I have almost eaten the entire container. I have had this for approximately 2 hours, I appreciate y’all!!” - Jennifer J.

”My leftover sweet baby Jesus pork on half off a baked sweet potato!! It’s so good!!” - Kara H.

“Oh M Geeeee. This was delicious!” - Ginger W.